Wendy Bowman: I’m losing freelance writing work left and right

Wendy Bowman is a resident of San Clemente, California. This is how her state’s rollout of AB 5 devastated Wendy and her business, costing her key clients:

I am a single, divorced female with 30-plus years of journalism experience who is not only trying the best I can to take care of myself, but also to tend to my 13-year-old English Bulldog who is like my child (and who has to visit the oncologist at a specialty vet hospital every other month to make sure her cancer doesn’t return) … and I’m losing freelance writing work left and right.

The first piece of correspondence is from a well-paying, longtime national magazine client from which I get the majority of my income.

The second is from a new client I got to replace some of the income from losing my longtime client.

Unfortunately, the articles for the new client are lengthy and the pay not near as much for all of the work that’s required. I’d rather not mention names, as not to burn bridges with either client. Sigh …

1) “How are you? I hope all is well. I’m reaching out as I (and my fellow editors copied here) wanted to let you know that we’ve been asked to hold on using freelance writers for the time being, starting with our January/February issues. We are not sure how long this hold may last, and we have been told there may still be freelancers used for special projects …

“You’re such an important part of our freelance team that we wanted to address this with you directly as we know you likely rely on us as a steady source of income.

As soon as we have any news to share on this hold being lifted, we will communicate with you. You are a superstar writer, and I can’t tell you how grateful we are for the time and effort you put in to helping each of us complete our books. Please let us know if we can answer any questions.

The line of communication is always open, and we hope to have assignments for you again soon.”

2) “You should be getting a 2020 contract from us at some point. There will be a clause in there re: California and AB5. We have to follow it as a company, but we will be happy to assign you 35 stories in 2020.

I hope they work hard to get this changed for writers, etc.”

– Wendy Bowman


Picture and story published with her permission.