Vox Cuts Hundreds of Freelance Jobs in California, Cites AB 5 Law

Vox Media cut hundreds of freelance writers and encouraged them to apply for just a handful of employee positions—and said any contributions they wish to write would be unpaid. From CNBC:

“Even as the company grows, AB5 will change how at least some of its sites are structured. A writer named Rebecca Lawson, who covered the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks from San Diego, wrote a post on Monday titled, “California’s terrible AB5 came for me today, and I’m devastated.” Lawson, who was editor-in-chief of the blog Mavs Moneyball, said she would be forced to step down as of March 31.

“SB Nation has chosen to do the easiest thing they can to comply with California law — not work with California-based independent contractors, or any contractors elsewhere writing for California-based teams,” Lawson wrote. “I don’t blame them at all.”

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